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1929 Police Conference - Probably Association related

1929 Police Conference - Probably Association related.JPG 1934 Squad 1Thumbnails1934 Squad 1Thumbnails1934 Squad 1Thumbnails1934 Squad 1Thumbnails1934 Squad 1Thumbnails
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  • Cornell6388 - Sunday 16 July 2017 18:45
    This photo was found in a house in the Vumba where Capt. Onyett resided after he vacated it. It was found by a member of the Gilbert family. Mr. Gilbert was a medical specialist in Salisbury for some years. Members of his family now reside in So. California and include his son, Brian Gilbert, and his step-son Peter Carey, Reg. #7785 who was in Uniform Branch for a few years then transferred to Technical in the Radio Branch and retired as a Supt. in 11/83. From the mixture of ranks in the picture I believe it clearly is a meeting related to the Regimental Association. There are several notable members in the picture, including future Dep. Comm. Rolfe, future A/Comm. and A/Reserve Officer Streeter, future C/Supt. Goodall, future Commissioner and Insp/General Morris, Comm. Stops and RSM Douglas. There is also a Killick (possibly Rex) but there were two serving at the same time. Unless someone recognizes him tough to know which one!! As a Lt., H.T. Onyett was with Murray's Column in WWI, commanding No 1 Section of A Company BSAP when he received his MC.